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lie a lot to themselves before they lie to other
people, and it is hopeless to expect that all the
warring cults and traditions that confuse the
mind of the race to-day are going to fuse under a
realisation of the imperative nature of the human
situation as I have stated it here, Multitudes
will never realise it. Few human beings are
able to change their primary ideas after the
middle thirties. They get fixed in them and drive
before them no more intelligently than animals
drive before their innate impulses. They will
die rather than change their second selves.
One of the most entangling of these discon-
certing secondary issues is that created by the
stupid and persistent intrigues of the Roman
Catholic Church.
Let me be clear here. I am speaking of the
Vatican and of its sustained attempts to exercise
a directive role in secular life. I number among
my friends many Roman Catholics who have
built the most charming personalities and be-
haviour systems on the framework provided them
by their faith. One of the loveliest characters I
have ever known was G. K. Chesterton. But I
think he was just as fine before he became a
Catholic as afterwards. Still he found something
he needed in Catholicism. There are saints of
all creeds and of none, so good are the better